Covid-19 – 3 Travel Safe Tips

Regularly wash your hands – sanitiser and soap – Hand cleaning should be common practice. It is important to wash and sanitise your hands as often as you can during each day.

Avoid Touching Your Face: You should avoid touching your face as little as possible, but sometimes it’s just not possible to stop altogether! Try cutting down your nails and preventing any contact with your mouth from your hands, which can help to prevent any infections spreading. 

Use your OWN travel mug and water bottle: When travelling we need to stay hydrated- make sure you travel with your own mug and water bottle. Doing this will allow you to have control over what you are drinking out of and it is then up to you to make sure that these items are cleaned thoroughly.  Overall, try to avoid drinking out of bottles and cans.  You don’t know who has had their hands on them!

Look with your eyes, not your hands: This is an important point to make to all individuals that are out and about in public areas including attractions with touch points, shops, restaurants, pubs, banks and of course in your tour vehicle. Try to limit what you touch, look with your eyes and not your hands! If you are shopping, task yourself not to touch everything before you place it in your basket. When travelling to work or at work try not to touch any items unless necessary. Of course, you can take preventative measures by wearing disposable gloves

By following these simple steps, we will all be doing our bit to help prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

Check out our Covid-19 Policy  (Link)

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