Tours of wales from liverpool

If you are one of the many international cruise passengers looking to discover a new experience and a new country – then within 15 miles of the port of Liverpool, from where your cruise ship docks is the border of Wales!

Like many cruise passengers who sail the oceans of the world, most cruise passengers aspire to discover and explore as much as possible during their cruise.  One aim by most cruise passengers is to visit as many countries as possible and when you visit Liverpool with your cruise ship, you can get the opportunity to discover another country within Great Britain! 

Wales offers a great day ashore with a fulfilling and rewarding day that many rate as one of the best cruise tour experiences from their voyage around the Brtish Isles.

Many cruise passengers who choose to step ashore and head into Wales are completely surprised by its beauty, its history and unique culture!  So don’t miss out on the opportunity to add another country to your list of countries visited throughout the world.

We can promise you are in for a real surprise and whilst we are a small country, we pack well above our weight for interesting things to see and do during a day ashore with a tour!

To view the tour options – visit our specialist cruise ship tours page: Liverpool Cruise Ship Tours


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