Day Tours from Dublin to Wales

Holyhead Tours - Isle of Anglesey
Time precious day tours for international visitors!

Day Tours From Dublin

If you are touring Ireland and looking for something interesting that would provide you with a fulfilling and rewarding touring day, then look no further!  How about considering visiting a neighbouring Celtic Nation across the water with a visit to Wales!

We invite you to get out of the city and come and discover a hidden corner of Britain and where we will introduce you to the unique culture of Wales, with its amazing history and some of the best scenery in Britain.  We promise you some of the best touring days of your whole vacation and best of all the tour can be customised around what you want to do and see.

You’ll just love where we take you on your very own private tour!

We promise you will love what you discover with Wales and many international visitors have quoted to us that it was one of their best decisions to include Wales and it was in fact the best part  of their vacation!

Csails the 60 miles between Dublin in Ireland and Holyhead in Wales in just over 2 hours.  The fast ferry service is called the “Dublin Swift”  (not operational during the winter season)


Why not take the opportunity to leave Ireland and Dublin behind you and escape on an amazing Day Tour by visiting North Wales.  Just 60 miles across the Irish Sea, you can get to discover another of the Celtic Nations with Wales.


Day Tours from Dublin by Ferry

For a day visit, Irish Ferries operates the “Dublin Swift” service, which takes just over 2 hours to make the crossing.

Departs from Dublin at 07:30 and you arrive in Holyhead for 09:45 with plenty of time for a day ashore and discovering the Northern area of Wales. 

The return “Dublin Swift” service departs from Holyhead at 16:45 and arrives back into Dublin for 19:00.


We have some amazing tours to offer featuring a variety of interesting content.  Our tours will capture great historical attractions – including one of the UNESCO medieval castles.  Our Castle and Snowdonia Tour and North Wales in a Nutshell Tour are always a popular choice for a day tour visit.

Of course a day is never long enough and with so much to see and do here in North Wales, we would encourage you to stop over and make it a 2 or 3 days and that way we can show you so much more of our beautiful country!

On tour with Boutique Tours of Wales – Snowdonia National Park Tour


Of course you might want to come and stop over and one day is never long enough.  With so much to see and do here in North Wales, we would encourage you to consider planning and stopping over and stay 2 or 3 nights and that way we can show you so much more of our beautiful country! 

Of course you can take it a little more leisurely and if you like cruising, Irish Ferries also operates with one of the largest car ferrys in the world with “Ulysses”.  Many international visitors prefer this option when they are stopping over for 2 or 3 nights.  It means that you don’t have quite an early start from checking out of your Dublin Accommodation.

Irish Ferries from Dublin to Wales

Ulysses” departs from Dublin at 08:05 and arrives in Holyhead for 11:30am

This still provides you enough time to tour through the afternoon and an ideal option is a 3 or 4 day Tour of the Snowdonia National Park and North Wales regions.  We have some great touring days and a great choice of accommodation that we can suggest.

For your return sailing back to Dublin, “Ulysses” departs Holyhead at 14:10 and arrives into Dublin for 17:25 .

*Please note:  Ferry fares are not included with Irish Ferries in this tour and this is your own arrangement to suit your own schedule when booking.  Before making your arrangements, we recommend that you check our availability and we can temporarily hold the relevant date/s whilst you confirm your ferry bookings.  We hold this option open for 24 hours only

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It’s your very own private tour and we can custom design the tour itinerary and arrangements to suit what you want to do and see. Our flexibility allows you to make changes to our itineraries. So take something out and add something more appealing to your desires. Alternatively combine an element of this tour with that of another tour. All you have to do is ask and if it is possible then it will be our pleasure to accommodate your wishes.

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