Genealogy and Ancestral Tours

Genealogy and Ancestral Tours of North Wales

Discover your Welsh Ancestors in North Wales!

Boutique Tours can assist you right here in North Wales to discover your ancestors. Based on your own family research, we can help plan the perfect family tour to help you trace your family roots. We can tailor make your visit for you and help you come into contact with your ancestors and relations, so that hopefully you can take away some of your very own unforgettable memories of your family history.

Genealogy and Ancestral Tours of North Wales
Genealogy and Ancestral Tours of North Wales

Allow us to help with local research as we plan your ancestral tour visit.*  We also have access to the local registers and records and can undertake research to help with the success of your visit. So if you have names, dates, locations, job titles, we can hopefully assist you and help in putting together the trace and complete the mystery and jigsaw with the missing pieces.*

Genealogy and Ancestral Tours of North Wales

In and around the places that we visit, we can also build in stops for lunch and if required build some sightseeing into your visit as well.

Where possible, we can also help and assist you to identify and find locations.  From homes where they lived, school houses where they were educated, to churches and chapels of marriage, grave sites and working locations.  

If it is still standing we will attempt to help you find these sites and locations.

*We can provide advance recognisance searches for a daily fee, so that when you arrive, your day is mapped out with locations and even access to local records.

From old maps to modern day maps we can link the past.  We delve through records of baptisms, marriage and deaths and can help find ancestors and sometimes their extended family linking names with employment, address’s, etc.  Where available we can check census reports which detail who lived in a dwelling, their age and their occupations.

Genealogy and Ancestral Tours of North Wales

We specialise in helping you trace your ancestors in north wales

Genealogy and Ancestral Tours of North Wales

To date we have been successful helping and assisting in the tracing of family ancestral roots here in North Wales.

All of our international visitors have been impressed by the results that we have delivered during their ancestral visits to the area.

Here are just a few testimonials of the delighted folks who hired our specialist ancestral tour services here in North Wales.


             ” Highly recommended – Boutique Tours for Genealogy Tour & General Site Seeing. “

Booking with Boutique Tours is worth every dime! I travelled with my husband and parents (78 years old) to Northern Wales and we engaged John Hadwin of Boutique Tours for three days of touring including ancestry research.  It was a PERFECT experience with white glove service.

Two months prior to our arrival, I provided John some basic genealogical research on my mother’s family and prior to our arrival he did additional research on our behalf including finding records and locations we didn’t know about.

Genealogy and Ancestral Tours of North Wales
Genealogy and Ancestral Tours of North Wales
He structured our touring around visiting the locations associated with our ancestors that he had scouted in advance, where he assisted us in our research. Because of John, we visited the farm where my mother's great great grandfather was born (the person who immigrated to the US). In addition, John arranged with the Vicar to visit the church where her 5th great grandfather was baptized, attend the worship service and view the church records where we found the baptismal and marriage records for three generations going back to the early 1700s!
Christine Gistaro
Virginia, USA
John was a great help in finding our ancestors”!  We spent the day touring Anglesey and North Wales and were primarily interested in visiting churches and reviewing records of ancestors and their grave sites. Before we arrived we had given John a list of sites and names. He had found all of the locations, plus the most important find was the farm house built in 1644, where my wife's ancestors had lived. We went on to discover an old abandoned church where my wife's great, great, great grandparents were buried.
Mr & Mrs Woodard
Bethesda, Maryland, USA
Genealogy and Ancestral Tours of North Wales
My husband’s family came out of Wales in the late 1700’s and he has always wanted to go there and explore the countryside.  We spent one day exploring Anglesey, where John had pre-scouted some amazing family history sites for us to see – including the decrepit wreck of an old family farmhouse which is being restored by a very brave young couple.  John was such good company that being with someone else didn’t feel intrusive at all, but he also made a point of giving us “alone” time by dropping us off for walks by ourselves and then allowing us to take our time walking to where he would be waiting for us.
Mr & Mrs Harter
Oregon, USA
John research, based upon information we were able to provide beforehand, led him to the churchyard where my wife’s great great grandfather and related family members were interred in the 1800’s. He found the tombstones for us. Since there is still an active old stone church on the site, John even arranged for us to meet the vicar of the parish. Leaving no stone unturned, John had researched the local archive records and found the record of burial of great great grandfather. This was quite an emotional experience!
John Larder
New Jersey, USA
Discovering your Welsh roots in North Wales
Genealogy and Ancestral Tours of North Wales
After researching our options for private ancestral tours in North Wales, we decided to book Boutique Tours and it was the best decision we could have made.  John actually found records of our ancestors and produced copies of the original records and found locations of where our ancestors had lived.  It was truly amazing to actually stand where they once lived!
Blair and Ann Jones
Georgia, USA
You helped uncover a location of a former place of work and residences off the beaten track on the Island of Anglesey. Other members of the family had made previous visits to North Wales and this was a new discovery standing at the house where our great grand parents lived and also at their place of work.
Mr & Mrs Courtner
Arizona, USA
Genealogy and Ancestral Tours of North Wales
Genealogy and Ancestral Tours of North Wales
Thank you for making our Ancestral Tour such a memorable and pleasurable experience.  You researched her Roberts ancestry well in advance in preparation for the meaningful tour you planned for us.  You researched the records, finding the burial record of our ancestors – Thomas Roberts, taking us to the church he attended and where he was buried and showed us the area where he and his family lived.  The surprise you prepared and presented to Doris was most meaningful.  This was truly an emotional connection to family ancestry.
John and Doris Leffler
California, USA
Genealogy and Ancestral Tours of North Wales
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