13th Century Medieval Castle at Conwy
Cultural, Historic and Scenic Photo Friendly Tour Up to 9 Hours Featuring a variety of interesting tour content and attractions

Cathedral, Castles and Garden Tour

Wales is full of culture, history and scenery and this tour combines all three elements and provides you with a great snapshot and overview of the region, all in one day! From Unesco medieval walled town and castle at Conwy, to the Smallest Cathedral, Church and House in Great Britain, to a Holy shrine that royals visit and one of the best gardens in Great Britain. There is plenty of interesting tour content to help captivate your touring day. Each stop brings unusual stories and legends. This tiny building is thought to be the smallest church in the British Isles. It has enough seats for just six people. This tour can be custom designed to fit a number of touring options such as duration and pick up/drop off locations and can start out from places like Beaumaris, Bangor, Betws-y-Coed, Caernarfon, Conwy, Holyhead, Llandudno, Ruthin and Llangollen. The tour can also start or end at Chester, Liverpool or Manchester in England.


Rhuddlan Castle
Set in an elevated position overlooking the river Clwyd and one of the lesser known castles constructed under the reign of King Edward 1st in his conquest of Wales. *Entrance fee applies if you want to visit the interior of the castle.
The Smallest Church in Great Britain
This tiny building is thought to be the smallest church in the British Isles. It has enough seats for just six people. *Entrance fee applies if you want to visit the interior of the house.
Unesco - Conwy Castle
There isn’t a better place in Britain to stand on the battlements of a castle. Conwy offers unrivalled views overlooking the estuary and having a landscape backdrop of the Snowdonia Hills. We think its one of the most magnificent medieval fortresses to be found anywhere in Europe and Conwy takes its place as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its history going back to 13th century century. *Entrance fee applies if you want to visit the interior of the castle.
The Smallest House in Great Britain
Unbelivable, this house was featured in the Guiness Book of records for measuring a mere 6 feet wide and 12 feet wide. The former Fishermans cottage was about to be knocked down, when the owners discovered their unique dimensions and the derlict cottage turned into one of the unique tourist attractions in Great Britain
Unesco Medieval Town walls of Conwy
Said to be the best preserved town walls in Europe and stretching almost uninterrupted around Conwy’s medieval heart, they run for three quarters of a mile and feature 21 towers and three original gateways along their length. If you’ve got a head for heights, you can take a walk along the top of the wall as it loops around Conwy’s cramped medieval streets.
Bodnant Gardens
Rated as one of the best gardens to visit in Great Britain, Bodnant Gardens spreads out across 80 acres of hillside and includes one the finest rose gardens in Wales, set amongst five formal Italianate terraces. Bodnant’s most famous feature is the Laburnum arch, which is the longest in the UK and usually flowers between May and June. The gardens feature informal shrub borders stocked with plants from around the world. The Dell, is a gorge garden, areas of woodland garden with a number of notable trees and a waterfall. Entrance fee of £14 applies to enter the gardens
Lunch at a 15th century former courthouse beside the river
Discover a very traditional and scenic Welsh town that nearly became the capital of Wales with its 400 year old stone bridge and enjoy a visit to a former 15th century medieval court house nestled beside the river. It makes for an ideal refreshment or lunch stop. Don’t miss out on the best scones in Britain with their famous blended tea.
The Smallest Cathedral in Great Britain
A ‘Hidden Gem’! The site was founded in the year 560 and the present building was begun in the thirteenth century. The Cathedral is the home to one of the original copies of the Welsh Bible and as such provides a vital link with Welsh culture and literature.
St Winifrids Well
One of the 7 Wonders of Wales! A historic hidden gem, the well is reputedly the oldest continually visited pilgrim site in Britain. The healing waters are said to cause miraculous cures and have attracted visits from royalty since medieval times. Entrance fee of £2 per person.


All our tours are custom designed, so you can mix elements to suit what you want to do and see. For example, you might want to visit some of the other options in the region:

Celtic Pottery:
Hidden in the woods we can visit the workshop of one of the best private Potteries in Wales.
A Secret Glacial Lake:
Truly one of our great hidden gems that only a local knows about. We reach the lake by taking a small single track road through farmland and a forest. You might even want to stop to take a walk of this stunning area (approximately 90 minutes).
Wollen Mill
A traditional family owned mill that makes traditional Welsh ‘Tapestry’ bedspreads. Our visit features a tour from the delivery of raw wool through its processing and weaving using machines that are over 50 years old and powered simply from the water of a nearby stream.
The Secret View of Snowdonia
ANother of our great hidden gems is our breathtaking view of the SNowdonia Range. AGain we tour off the beaten tourist track, taking old ‘Drover’ roads and who knows we may come across the odd farmer herding his sheep along the track.
Home to one of the oldest living organisms in the world. The local tree is reputedly dated to be somewhere in the region of 5,000 years in age
Country Antique Showroom:
It’s a secret worth knowing about…and there’s something for everyone as you browse through one of the largest collections of antiques and vintage treasures, including a variety of small antiques and collections. Its one of hidden gems!

The Cathedral, Castles and Garden Tour can be custom designed to fit a number of touring options such as duration and pick up/drop off locations.

This private tour can start out from Chester, Liverpool, Bangor, Llandudno, Beaumaris, Betws-y-Coed, Caernarfon, or Porthmadog areas. 

The Cathedral, Castles and Garden Tour can also be taken as part of a transfer tour to/from Chester, Liverpool and Manchester and your accommodation in North Wales.

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John from Boutique Tours was a fantastic driver and tour guide and I highly recommend his services for your trip to Wales. He is very experienced and passionate about his work, and as a local, he gives a unique and valuable perspective that is priceless. His love for Wales is infectious in the best way. As a guide, he is engaging, humorous, and friendly and shares a wealth of history as well as relevant personal knowledge. His tour vehicle is extremely comfortable, clean, and spacious, and even has USB charging ports for keeping your phones and cameras charged during your tour. He makes sure you get plenty of photo opportunities and the pacing of the tour was perfect and we never felt rushed or bored.
Meredith Hrebenak from Atlanta, Georgia

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