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Holyhead Tours - Isle of Anglesey

Many international cruise passengers rate their private tour experience with Boutique Tours of Wales as ‘The Best of the whole Cruise’!



This was the best tour of our 14-day British Isles cruise. John is extremely friendly, accommodating, knowledgable, and professional.

We can’t thank him enough for our wonderful day! John met and exceeded all of our expectations.
Mr and Mrs Tyler from California, USA

Our private cruise tours are designed to offer you more than the tours offered by your cruise line and our well planned tour itineraries provide you with the opportunity to discover so much more during your day ashore with us. 

You can relax knowing that you are being handled by a professional tour director with over 30 years experience.

Holyhead Cruise Tour Options

All our tours are custom designed, working around your time in port. Below are just three examples of our touring days.


Castle and Snowdonia Tour

Castle and Snowdonia Tour

A beautiful day combing medieval history and the scenery of the Snowdonia National Park.


Swallow Falls, Betws-Y-Coed

North Wales in a Nutshell Tour

For a time precious visit, this tour will help you capture the very best highlights of North Wales.


Isle of Anglesey Tour


A fulfilling touring day, featuring historic hidden gems, beautiful coastal scenery and dramatic cliff top settings.

Alternatively, we can design a tailor-made tour to suit exactly what you want to do.  All our private tours are custom designed, working around your time in port.  We’ll help you make the most of your visit and day ashore with some amazing tour content, often double to what the cruise ships tours offer.

You’ll get to tour without the crowds and move at a pace that suits you, plus get off  the beaten track to experience some amazing scenic locations.

Hands up if you can pronounce it! On tour with Boutique Tours of Wales.

Is Your Cruise Ship also visiting Liverpool?

We would love to show you so much more of our beautiful country and we offer totally different tour itineraries from the port of Liverpool to different parts of North Wales.

So why not consider us for both ports of call and enjoy two great touring days capturing the best of North Wales.

We have stunning tours itineraries that take in the Scenic and Historic Borderlands of North East Wales, which is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  We also can feature elements from our Classic Tour of North Wales or our Cathedral, Castles and Garden Tours.

Our tour services are always in demand when a cruise ship calls, so make sure you don’t miss out on some of the best rated private driver guided tour experiences at both ports.

As you can imagine, every time a cruise ship calls into Holyhead, our highly acclaimed private tour services are in demand from cruise passengers. If you like what we offer, then our advice is not to wait and let someone else beat you to one of the best touring days of the whole cruise.

2023 cruise ship visits to holyhead

With so many folk rating our private tours at the port of Hoyhead as ‘the best’ or ‘the favourite tour day of the whole cruise’, we are already sold out for the majority of cruise ship visits in 2023.

Our availability is changing all the time and if you have yet to firm up your private tour arrangements for Holyhead, then if you see your cruise date and visit still showing, then contact us now before someone else beats you to the availability.


4th September 2023

20th September 2023

2024 advanced cruise ship visits at Holyhead

14th April, 2024

24th April, 2024

26th April, 2024

30th April, 2024

6th May, 2024

11th May, 2024

13th May, 2024

14th May, 2024

20th May, 2024

21st May, 2024

24th May, 2024

3rd June, 2024

3rd June, 2024

5th June, 2024

6th June, 2024

10th June, 2024

19th June, 2024

22nd June, 2024

23rd June, 2024

26th June, 2024

29th June, 2024

1st July, 2024

6th July, 2024

9th July, 2024

18th July, 2024

21st July, 2024

23rd July, 2024

24th July, 2024

27th July, 2024

29th July, 2024

30th July, 2024

2nd August, 2024

3rd August, 2024

8th August, 2024

10th August, 2024

12th August, 2024

13th August, 2024

24th August, 2024

24th August, 2024

28th August, 2024

1st September, 2024

4th September, 2024

5th September, 2024

6th September, 2024

7th September, 2024

18th September, 2024

1st October, 2024

29th October, 2024

Cruise Lines who visit Holyhead

Not found what you are looking for?

It’s your very own private tour and we can custom design the tour itinerary and arrangements to suit what you want to do and see. Our flexibility allows you to make changes to our itineraries. So take something out and add something more appealing to your desires. Alternatively combine an element of this tour with that of another tour. All you have to do is ask and if it is possible then it will be our pleasure to accommodate your wishes.

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