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UNESCO Medieval Castle Tour of North Wales

If you love castles, then you are in for a treat with this tour! The castles of Wales are famous the world over. Experts reckon there are over 600 of them throughout Wales! From 1276 Edward 1st, King of England, established a mighty set of castles and towns in North Wales as part of his military campaign to defeat the Welsh princes of Gwynedd. Amongst the castles built by Edward 1st are Caernarfon, Conwy, Beaumaris and Harlech. UNESCO recognised the castles and their fortified towns as ‘the finest examples of late 13th and early 14th century military architecture in Europe.’ These spectacular UNESCO monuments are a gateway for exploring the history of Wales in the heartland of the traditional Welsh princes’ stronghold of Gwynedd. The English built castles represent the best castle building skills in Western Europe at the time, and were built over a short timescale and on a hugely ambitious scale. With massive curtain walls and towers and powerful gatehouses, the ring of UNESCO castles has a powerful presence in the landscape of Snowdonia and symbolises the huge effort by King Edward 1st to dominate North Wales and fight against the Welsh resilience. Each castle has individual stories to tell... and our tour captures both sides of the story in Defence and Conquering.


Our tour captures the collection of the four recognised UNESCO castles of King Edward 1st, along with photographic stops at two of the castles of the Princes of Gwynedd.

Dolwyddelan Castle
Built by the Welsh prince Llewellyn the Great. The location gets the imagination flowing as to how the Welsh Prince’s set out to defend themselves against the might of the English. The walk up to the castle is a tough climb, but you are rewarded with one of the most stunning castle locations, set in solitary confinement sheltering deep in the heart of the Snowdonia Mountains.
Harlech Castle
King Edward 1st tried and tested ‘walls within walls’ model was put together in super-fast time between 1283 and 1295 by an army of nearly a thousand skilled craftsman and labourers. The setting is impressive, with the battlements springing out of a near-vertical cliff-face and amazing views overlooking the coast.
Criccieth Castle
Criccieth was formerly known as Crug-Caeth with the translation of ‘crug’ meaning hill in and, ‘caith’ translating to captives. This was the name given to the jail on the hill, a function once held by the castle site. The castle sits perched on a panoramic headland with an intimidating location overlooking the sea.
Caernarfon Castle
A brute of a fortress, Caernarfon Castle’s pumped up appearance is unashamedly muscle-bound and intimidating. King Edward 1st created what is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive castles in Wales and beyond, and the castle and town walls provided means to keep some communities in and others out.
Beaumaris Castle
Located on the Isle of Anglesey is described as the most technically perfect castle in Britain, and the last hurrah of King Edward 1st massive building project in north Wales. It was the thirteenth-century hi-tech equivalent of a spaceship landing unceremoniously on Anglesey today.
Conwy Castle and Conwy Medieval Town Walls
Some say it is the most magnificent of Edward 1st Welsh fortresses and UNESCO considers Conwy to be one of “the finest examples of late 13th century and early 14th century military architecture in Europe”. The rectangular castle is built from local and imported stone and occupies a coastal ridge, originally overlooking an important crossing point over the River Conwy.
Dolbadarn Castle
Built by the Welsh prince Llewellyn the Great during the early 13th century. The location of the Dolbadarn was important both because it controlled an important mountain pass, and possibly because Llewellyn claimed authority as the lord of Snowdonia and the views from here are something else and a great one for the photographer!

This tour can also be custom designed with an alternative option. You might want to consider changing the outline tour itinerary. Just simply request to swap something in the current tour line up by replacing Conwy or Beaumaris with a visit to Dolwyddelan, Criccieth or Dolbadarn Castle in the Snowdonia Mountains.

Tour Testimonials and Endorsement

“The best trip you will have!”

Our day with John from Boutique Tours was the best day of our three week trip to the UK. John knew every castle, battleground and the colourful history of Wales.

We learned so much and enjoyed every minute because John is such an engaging storyteller and such fun to be with.
Mary Sanger from Texas, USA
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